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Welcome to Tiny Hearts 4D Ultrasound Studio. As a premiere elective ultrasound studio, our teams passion is to give our expecting parents peace of mind  in a calm, clean and safe setting. It is so wonderful sharing in the joy of a new baby, watching a new mother see her baby for the very first time, and revealing the gender if desired. Ultrasound is a way of family bonding during your pregnancy. Once the parents hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time, they immediately feel reassured. We hope to meet you and allow you to enjoy the amazing experience an ultrasound can bring! We offer state-of-the-art 3D/4D and also HD Live ultrasound so you can see your baby’s face and body before they arrive. Our technicians are trained professionals who will make sure that the experience is as comfortable as possible for you. We offer services starting at 6-weeks gestation. You deserve to know what’s going on with your pregnancy, which is why we provide ultrasound services at our location here in Waco. Whether it’s early or late-stage pregnancy, we have the technology and expertise to give you a glimpse into what life will be like when your little one arrives! What would it feel like if you could see their face before they were born?



"Peace of Mind"

- Unlimited 15-minute sessions

- Limited Diagnostics

- 2D/3D/4D/HD Live

- All Digital Photo Files 3D Images

"Boy or Girl" 2D

- 15 Minute Session

- Limited Diagnostics

- 4 thermal prints

- All Digital Photo Files (Determination As Early As 18 Weeks)

"Double Hearts" 4D/HD

- (2) 30 Minute Sessions

- Limited Diagnostics

- 3D/4D/HD Live

- All Digital Photo Files 3D Images (22-2 & 28-32 Weeks Gestation) 

"Sweet Cheeks" 4D/HD

- 30 Minute Session

- Limited diagnostics

- Gender Determination Upon request

- 3D/4D/HD Live

- All Digital Photo Files 3D Images

- 4 Thermal Prints (22-32 Weeks Gestation)


- Live Streaming

- Heartbeat Animals

- Gender Reveals

- Custom Videos



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