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When Should I Book My Newborn Sessions?

Throughout your pregnancy, there are a variety of things to consider. Picking a name, decorating a nursery, and planning a baby shower are all vital milestones while planning for your new family addition. One thing you will not want to forget about is scheduling a newborn photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of your baby's first days. Tiny Hearts Imagery, a newborn photographer in Waco, Texas, offers excellent newborn photography packages that give you memorable photos of your little one.

When Should I Book My Newborn Sessions?
When Should I Book My Newborn Sessions?

When Should I Book A Newborn Photographer?

One of the most common questions revolving around newborn photography is “When should I book a newborn photographer?”. The best time to book a newborn photographer is during your 2nd trimester. While it is not a requirement to book in your 2nd trimester, it is ideal as you will be through the 1st trimester, and you will not have to worry about booking too late into your 3rd trimester. To discuss your booking options, feel free to fill out our contact form.

How Do I Schedule A Newborn Session Without An Accurate Due Date?

Scheduling a newborn session may seem difficult if you are unsure of your due date, but this is a problem many women face. To lock in your photographer, provide your due date, and your photographer will mark the due date on their calendar. The session will not be scheduled until you tell your photographer that the baby has arrived.

Newborn Photography In Waco, Texas

With years of experience in newborn and maternity photography, Tiny Hearts Imagery has quickly become one of Waco’s best newborn photographers. With a studio space located conveniently in historic downtown Waco while providing a fun and unique experience. To get a quote on your next newborn photoshoot or schedule your next newborn or maternity shoot, fill out our online booking form.


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