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Howdy All!

Today I'd like you to meet Carter, the adorable son of Calee and Drew. This little guy has only been on Earth for a short period, but he is such a naturally beautiful baby. I absolutely had to take advantage of those good looks during this session.

Seriously -- his creamy skin tone, smooth complexion and natural glow make Carter a serious contender for pretty much any “cute baby contest” in the country!

Because I wanted to highlight baby Carter’s good looks, I chose to keep props and background noise to a minimum. I did use flokatis, wraps and bed from one of my favorite vendors, Luneberry, to help enhance the natural beauty he already has, though!

I also took the time too capture a picture of this little guy that I have been wanting too create for quite some time. I think it turned out amazing! What do you think? Isn’t Woody from Toy Story just adorable?

Thanks for reading!


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