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How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

Newborn photos are a great way to preserve the memories of your baby’s first days. From chubby cheeks to wrinkly hands, your little one’s cutest newborn features won’t last forever! Before you book your newborn session, there are a few things you should know. Today, we are going to look at 4 ways to prepare for your newborn session.

How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

Schedule Your Session In Advance

Newborn sessions are usually done when a baby is between 5 to 14 days old, so you will need to plan ahead if you are wanting newborn photos done. By booking your newborn session in advance, both you and your photographer can be prepared when your baby is born. This also allows you to get booked before your photographer runs out of availability.

Keep Your Baby Awake Before Session

As a newborn, your baby is going to sleep a lot. While it may seem like they sleep all day, luck has it that they will want to be awake when you want them to sleep. Most parents want cute sleeping newborn photos, so it is key to keep your baby awake before the session so that they can sleep through the session, making for a better photo shoot.

Feed Your Baby About 20-30 Minutes Before Your Session

It’s no secret that babies like to eat often, and if they don’t get what they want, it can get a little frantic. Nothing crashes a newborn session like a cry for milk, so ensure that you feed your baby about 20-30 minutes before your session. Not only will this keep them full throughout the session, but it can also help them sleep better throughout the shoot.

Change Baby Into Loose Diaper

In order to keep your baby comfortable and avoid diaper impressions, change your baby into a loose diaper about 20 minutes before the session. Of course, if you prefer the birthday-suit look, you can always undress your baby completely, which is a very popular option for newborn photos.

Newborn Photography In Waco, Texas

Preparing for your newborn photography session shouldn’t be something you need to stress about. At Tiny Hearts Imagery, we make it easy to plan, book, and shoot your newborn session. To book your newborn session with Tiny Hearts Imagery, fill out our online booking form.


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