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Erin Alonzo Make-Up Artistry LLC

Erin is quickly a favorite in the Tiny Hearts Imagery studio. We love her professionalism and how she makes every client (Mamas & their children) feel like a queen. It's no doubt that Erin Alonzo is the #1 hair and make-up artist in Central Texas.

Erin Alonzo Make-Up Artistry LLC

We're so honored to work alongside her every single session.

Recently, I interviewed Erin. Here are some great tips & FAQs:

Why do I need a makeup artist?

There are many reasons for hiring a makeup artist. The top three reasons are:

  1. To look your best, in person and on camera

  2. To have access to the top products in the beauty industry without having to purchase them, and

  3. To relieve any stress that may come with your beauty routine or with makeup needs for a special event.

How long have you been a makeup artist? 15 Years

Why are you passionate about being a makeup artist? The love of Art and enhancing a client's beauty... I've loved coloring, painting and pretty much anything that has to do with art since I was a little girl. I love the connection with clients and being able to bring their vision to life! What is your makeup specialty and area of expertise? If I had to pick features I would say Eyes and Skin. I love to compliment the eyes in all ranges of eye looks... Skin I would say is another favorite because I am able to create customized shades to enhance their beauty! Expertise I would say: Being able to give variety to anybody that sits in my chair and create a look that the client feels confident in! What beauty products do you use? •M•A•C Cosmetics are the core products that I use. The variety of products they create and how photo friendly their products showcase is the reason I use this brand. Are they hypoallergenic?

Are you comfortable with different ethnicities? Yes, I am! Even with Skin types from youthful to mature skin! I love it all! Are you comfortable with mature skin? Yes! Mature Skin is actually one of my favorites to create a look on. What tips do you give clients for a successful makeup session? A few recommendations: • Visit your local Esthetician for a Facial, 1-2 weeks prior • At home, light exfoliation of the face 2-3 days prior • Moisturize the skin with your normal skin routine regimen • Look up any Make-Up inspiration pictures that you might want the Artist to create for the session.


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