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Design Inspiration For The Perfect Baby Girl Nursery

Creating your baby girl nursery can be a very fun activity for mom and dad-to-be but also a bit overwhelming. There are so many styles and design inspirations, that it can be hard to choose. This is why we put together this fun article that will give you a roadmap to create an amazing baby girl nursery!

Design Inspiration For The Perfect Baby Girl Nursery
Design Inspiration For The Perfect Baby Girl Nursery

1. Baby Girl Nursery Color Palette

Nursery room colors are one of the most important aspects of creating a nursery. Your baby may not perceive colors for a while but they will soon when they get older. It’s no secret that colors affect us all on so many levels. Whether you are going with darker colors to create a more moody atmosphere or light and airy colors with calm vibes, it’s important to understand how and if those colors work with what you want to achieve.

2. Baby Girl Nursery Furniture

Deciding on a color palette as we mentioned before is a great starting point, but choosing your baby’s furniture should also be on the top of your list. Your baby’s furniture should be functional, safe but also integrate well with the overall design. We think white cribs and dressers work great because they are timeless and combine well with all kinds of colors, patterns, and styles.

3. Baby Girl Nursery Accents and Inspiration

Accents and decorations are great to incorporate pops of colors and give the baby girl nursery its personality. A cute table lamp, an ornate mirror, or even a teepee in the corner of the room can be fun elements that will make your nursery unique. You can even do a fun DIY project like repainting or stenciling an old dresser, creating a mobile out of fun objects, or paper flowers to decorate a focal wall.

4. How To Incorporate Memories And Family Heirlooms

Incorporating family heirlooms into your baby girl nursery can help a child feel connected to the past and to the generations that came before them. Maybe not in the first months, but they grow so fast and will soon notice everything around them.  Add your favorite plushie from when you were a kid, a painting from grandpa, a framed poem from your mother…there are so many heirlooms that can be added to your nursery to make it special and give it that extra something!

Do you know what are also great family heirlooms? Photographs! Beautifully framed or mounted on canvas they make great art pieces and enhance the beauty of your nursery. Looking for fun ideas for displaying your photos? Check out our other blog post here.

Thanks to Katelyn, of Kate Rose Creative Group, the mom and designer of this beautiful nursery, and Claire from Claire Falco Creative for providing these beautiful photos.


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