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Maldonado Twins

I am beyond excited to be introducing not one, but TWO of the world’s most precious babies! And they just so happen to come from the same family! That’s right – TWINS!

From left to right, we have Olivia and Libby. Sweeties!

It was a true privilege to get to work with them. And, while they may look very similar, I learned that they are completely different.

For example:

Libby has a little chubbier cheeks and more hair.

While, Olivia has darker hair and a more slender face, even though she too has those precious cheeks.

Let’s take a moment to give it up for mom and dad, too! They clearly have their hands full, but they made sure that the babies were primed for their camera debut by making sure they had a fresh bath, lotioned up and had full tummies.

Over the next few months, I’ll get to photograph Libby and Olivia again with my Bump to Baby Plan which includes milestone sessions.


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